Our Treatments

Male's Sex Problem

We treat and provide permanent solutions to all sexual problems of man from premature ejaculation to erectile dysfunction, night discharge to lack of confidence and low libido etc. We also treat masturbation addiction, infertility, impotency, lack of size issues, and sexually transmitted diseases. The treatment is provided in complete privacy. The experience and skill of the doctor ensure that man gets complete solutions without any side effect. The comprehensive treatment takes care of medical, emotional, psychological and mental issues of the sexual problems.

Female's Sex Problem

Sexuality for a lady is not just the physical experience but a board emotional and psychological experience which fulfils the emotional need for closeness and intimacy. It is gladdening that women are becoming aware of their increased sexuality and feelings. We provide the highly effective solution to all sexual problem faced by a young lady of any age. A Comprehensive range of sexual issues treated at our clinic includes lack of desire for sex, insufficient lubrication, pain during intercourse, lack of arousal and organism and many other such problems. We provide treatment in secrecy with permanent solutions.


Premature ejaculation means that a man discharges before fully satisfying the lady partner and getting complete satisfaction himself. The premature ejaculation always happens before the lady partner ejaculates. It leads to friction between partners and often is the cause of frustration and unfulfilled sexual life among men. Instead of deepening intimacy, it can lead to separation between partners. If the premature ejaculation is happening frequently, then the man must get treatment, otherwise, it can cause problem in the married life. It is common and treatable diseases and there is nothing to be embarrassed about discussing it with doctor.

Skin Problems

Skin problems can be painful or without pain and vary in symptoms and severity. The treatment is available for all skin problems. the common skin problem are acne , hives , cold sores , eczema , psoriasis , measles , cellulitis , melanoma , lupus , warts , chickenpox , dermatitis , melisma , and impetigo etc. . Every skin problem is treatable and one should contact a doctor before a minor skin disease becomes a serious issue. Infection, bacteria, a weak immune system, and genetic factors can cause the skin problems. The treatment is provided to man, woman, child and elders.

Hair Problems

All types of hair problems such as hair loss , split hair , dry hair , oily hair , dull hair , dandruff ,frizzy hair , lack of volume , brittle hair , greasy hair , flaky scalp etc. are treatable easily . Our treatment traces the cause the problem and then provides the customize solution to resolve the problem permanently. Man and woman with hair issues must contact the doctor to get the best solution possible. We also provide solutions to hair damaged caused by use of colours and shades

Diabetic Problems

Diabetes is the metabolism disorder and involves little production of insulin or total lack of insulin by pancreas, or lack of appropriate response to the insulin by the body. The type 1 diabetic people produce no insulin and take insulin injection to get it. In type 2 diabetes, insulin is produced but either it is not enough or the body offers resistant to it. Early detection and treatment of the diabetes is a must, as it prevents the risk of many serious health issues later. We provide the treatment and recommend certain lifestyle changes that help the person to live a full life without any complication.

Thyroids Problems

The thyroid problems or disorders affect the function or structure the of thyroid gland , which is in front of the neck. Through the hormous that it produces , the thyroid gland influences all metabolic process of the body . it is controlled by pituitary gland and hypothalamus , and disorders of these two tissues also affect the function of the thyroid problems . The problems associated with the thyroid disorders are hypothyroidism , hyperthyroidism , goiter , thyroid nodules , and thyroid cancer . All problems can be treated , if diagnosed properly .

Weight gain & loss

Proper medial solutions are provided to the persons with overweight or underweight. The unintentional weight gain or weight loss could be a problem for a man and a woman. Our treatment takes into account the individual lifestyle, eating habits and daily routine of a person.
The weight gain and weight loss is achieved without the use of many drugs and medications. We achieve the best results without side effects. Our weight loss programme does not involve use of crash dieting.

Piles & Gastric Problems

Piles is another terms used for haemorrhoids , which are inflamed tissue in the anal canal . these contain blood vessels , support tissues , muscles and elastic fibre . the gastric problems and constipation issues can complicate the problems which can be solved easily with the right medical treatment . the treatment includes medication , lifestyle change , and surgery in extreme cases . but only a few complicate cases need surgery .